Bad business with Hongkong supplier over a big chinese trading platform

April / 30th /2015

I bought over a big chinese trading plattform from a Hongkong suplier a slow juicer  (very famous manufacturer) second generation. My goal was, to start a small business in Germany with that kind of juicers. To deal with that Hongkong supplier was a terrible experiance for me, so that I can recommend to all – let your hands of and forget the idea to buy anything over that platform and if not, than look twice time, from whom you want to buy. In my case the juicer that should be new. But in fact I received (04/27/2015) an used Juicer, that is damage and not working. Immediately (10 Minutes later after opening the package) I wrote that to the seller – The supplier didn´t and don´t accept any complaint about this. Instead of this he is looking all the time for really poor excuses, give false accusations to me and avoid all the time to speak about the main problem. Even my suggestion, to show him all over a video session he ignored.

In my case the supplier shop in in the chinese trading platform is: please request by clicking here

Be warned to make any business with them.

Here you can find the complete conversation between me and the seller (Password protected – request here).

Update: May / 4th /2015:
Hongkong seller suggest me in a bad way two days ago, to send him the juicer back. That I will not do until if he don´t accept first that the juicer arrived here damage and DHL is not guilty – like erverybody can see in the following pictures. The minimum what I expect is an apology and the delivery of a new juicer as described without paying taxes to customs clearance again – than I´ll send back the damaged one. Other possibilties I could offer, but the dealer will not be able to understand.

More future updates you will find here.

P1030875 P1030874  
The damage of the package don´t match with the damage on the machine. Here you can see, that the box is almost o.k.  
P1030873 P1030872
Here is a look inside the box. You can see marks from the juicers legs and damaged parts of packing inside (not outside). Never the manufacturer will send their products in that way – so it means the juicer is not original packed. (Currently an eMail request to the manufacturer is running. I asked for pictures and informations about factory packaging).
P1030871 P1030870


In this section you can see, that the
cup is not completely matching with
the attaching parts of the main body.
The result is, that the complete
juicing unit is oblique.

P1030868 P1030861
P1030860 P1030857



P1030867 P1030865
Here you can see, that the lower part of the juicer is not in the correct position.


P1030841 P1030840

In this section you see, that the
buttom of the main body is not
in the correct position.
Especially next to the entry of
the electric cable it is dangerous.
Never this defect appears with
that kind of non destroyed



P1030864 P1030863
P1030862 P1030845
P1030844 P1030843
Here you can see, that the complete juicing unit is oblique. Thats why the distance between juicers unit and main body is too large, the two yellow arrows should be near each other. This large distance is the reason why the juicer is not working, because the built-in magnetic switch, located under the right yellow arrow can´t react. (I am asking me serious, how the seller could test, if the machine can´t work?)


P1030854 P1030856
Here you can see dust and fingerprints. That you can find at any places on the juicer. Never its a new device. The origin of that kind of dust is a towel (is this a new machine? Of course NOT.)


P1030853 P1030850
P1030848 P1030847
P1030846 In this section you see a crack in one of the jars.
In new and factory packed machines never
you will find.


May / 4th /2015
Presently I am looking for a lawyer located next to the supplier. I hope in some days to present an update here.